Smile Gallery

Crown Lengthening and Ceramic Restorations

Patient was very self-conscious of their two front crowns, so much that it prevented them from smiling.  We adjusted the gum line by crown lengthening, placed two crowns, and two veneers. Patient is smiling now and very happy with the treatment.


Immediate Implant Placement and Ceramic Restorations

Patient needed an upper front implant, as she was going to loose her tooth. Soft and hard tissue were missing which were replaced with bone and gum grafts. This was followed by an immediate implant placement when the tooth was extracted.  Additionally, four veneers and one crown were placed to even out the length, shape, and color of the smile. 

Conservative Rehabilitation

Patient was unhappy with the uneven, shortened appearance of his teeth. Eight porcelain veneers were placed to restore the teeth to their natural length. The smile appears more even, and the patient is extremely happy with the results.

Single Ceramic Crown

Patient was unhappy with the color, length and opaqueness of the upper crown.   It was replaced with a new all porcelain crown to match the natural teeth.  


Immediate Implant Placement and Ceramic Restorations

Patient lost their front tooth due to accident. An implant was placed and restored immediately on the same day. A final ceramic crown was screwed over the implant. Notice the color, shape and texture of the final crown matching the other teeth.


Implant and Ceramic Crown

Patient had a failing tooth that was replaced with an implant and restored with a full ceramic crown that matches the other teeth. The patient is very happy with their new smile.


Full Arch Implant Restoration

Patient had an upper denture for years.  They wanted to improve  their chewing and have a fixed dental solution. Six implants were placed on the upper arch and a fixed complete denture was screwed over these implants. Now it is easier for them to eat and they no longer have denture material covering the roof of their mouth. The Patient is very happy with their smile.

Single Ceramic Crown

Patient wasn’t pleased with the crown on the upper front tooth. The old metal ceramic crown was replaced with a new ceramic crown that matched the shape and color of the their smile. The new restoration now naturally balances this tooth with the rest of their teeth.


Multiple Ceramic Crowns

Patient had old veneers that were not esthetically pleasing and they wanted to improve the overall appearance of their smile. Old veneers were replaced with two ceramic crowns matching the color and shape of the rest of the teeth. The patient was very pleased with the new natural looking teeth.


Multiple Ceramic Crowns

Patient was dissatisfied with the appearance of the existing upper crowns.  They were replaced to match the two front teeth resulting in a natural smile.


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