Patient Reviews

We love our patients.  
Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.

Please enjoy reading our patient reviews from our dental family. 

"If you are looking for outstandingly competent and caring dental work this is the place! I was a patient at Seattle Dental Studio for more than two years and I had a great experience with Dr. Dbouk and his team. I went through a couple of pretty intense gum grafting surgeries, and Dr. Dbouk was extremely caring and thoughtful, as well as undoubtedly skilled and competent. He made sure I had a great recovery and was always available for checkups/advice on the phone in the days following the surgeries. I also had veneers/crowns and an implant done on my front tooth, and I have always felt confident about Dr. Dbouk’s, attention to detail and knowledge. He’s extremely prepared and skilled both on health and aesthetic concerns – I had the chance to speak with other dentists that know or work with Dr. Dbouk and they confirmed that “he is one of the best dentists around, especially with implants!”. I have nothing but praise for Seattle Dental Studio and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for high quality work with a trustworthy team."
– Silvia De Cassan
"Moving to Seattle, I heard about Dr. Dbouk and decided to join his patient list. Going in for a detailed and well done clean and regular check up, obviously led to finding out I had a few cavities that needed treatment. Of course, I was anxious about the entire process because of horrible dentist visits in the past; but thanks to Dr. Dbouk and his staff, the procedure was easy, painless, and as quick as possible. Dr. Dbouk really cares about his patients and their treatments while thoroughly walking his patients through a procedure as it happens; no worries or anxiety."
– Sarah Rassool
"The office was friendly and professional. The doctor helped me to make a plan for long-term dental work, and I'm actually looking forward to my next visit."
– Victoria Bradley
"Amazing and helpful staff that are easy to get along with and make the experience a breeze. Dr. Dbouk is very knowledgeable and articulates well to his patients"
– Bryan Walke
"Been going to Dr. Dbouk's studio for two years. The doctor and his crew make going to the dentist fun. In addition, Dr. Dbouk is a consummate perfectionist, and will achieve medical miracles for you. He did for me! Recommended."
– Radoslav Marinov
"Great first experience, extremely thorough and professional!"
– jeremy martinez
"Top Notch 5 STAR dental care as with every visit over all these years!!! I continue to be so impressed with Dr. Dbouk's professionalism, genuine care and cutting edge expertise. And this amazing allstar team of professionals is the absolute best anyone could ever assemble. I'm very confident you too will immediately know you're in good hands and feel reassured with each and every appointment."
– Aaron Wilson
"I found the Dental Studio on a Google search for nearest Dentist to my location. Great reviews so no hesitation to call and ask about the possibility of coming in the same day as I had an emergency repair on a cracked tooth. From the initial phone call with the receptionist who fit me in that day to the entire crew when I came in, it was simply awesome. I’m telling anyone who lives in the area and needs Dental Care, this is where you want to go. I don’t live close but was so pleased with the work done that I’m coming back for follow up work...which involves a 30 minute bus ride. Thanks to everyone at the Dental Studio"
– Fred Allen
"I’ve been a client at this dental office for the past 17 years and have always been so happy with the care I receive. The staff is friendly and warm. I love my hygienist and my teeth feel great. Highly recommend."
– Holly Palme
"Dr. Dbouk and his team, Anne, K.C, Lela and the others are warm, personable and fun. Dr. Dbouk, a perfectionist. I'm glad I found them."
– Chad Oyamot


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