Is It Just a Smile?

A smile is often the first thing people notice. 

Did you know that long-distance runners run faster and further if they smile during competition? Romances start with a warm grin at social events, and even babies smile in the womb in response to a mother’s voice. Salespeople judged to have a nice smile make more sales than those who have unattractive teeth. Research rarely leaves any stone unturned, even when it comes to your smile.

No matter how you measure it, smiles help drive success throughout life.

Many factors affect our ability and desire to smile. Children smile up to 400 times per day, but adults average 20 grins during the same period. The reasons why provide motivation for more research. But we do know that the physical attractiveness of our smile influences our self-esteem and confidence. If we feel good about our teeth, we’ll flash more grins. And the opposite is true: if we’re embarrassed by our teeth, we tend to hide the warmth of our smile. The unintended consequences of this non-verbal communication can be dramatic.

It’s All About You

Your smile is uniquely you. 

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a spectrum of options to bring out every smile. No matter what concerns you have, there are options for you to weigh. When we see patients react to the changes we bring to their appearance, we just confirm what research shows: Smiles matter. They matter to our emotional well-being, to our relationships, to our social interactions, and to our career success. At Seattle Dental Studio, our greatest reward comes from enriching the lives behind the gorgeous teeth.

Everyone has a vision of the perfect smile, and it’s essential that your smile fits you. That’s why we base every cosmetic dentistry plan on listening to what you want. Your desires provide the framework for our personalized treatment plans. We encourage you to give us details about your teeth and even bring photos that help you define the smile you want to create. The phrase begin with the end in mind guides our care for each person, leading to life-changing results.

Let Your Smile Shine

Many patients discover that cosmetic dentistry offers more pathways to the perfect smile than they realized. You may be surprised to find that the majority of transformations take place in just one or two visits. And some changes to your smile don’t even require numbing. Even if you feel like you have really bad teeth, you deserve to find out how your smile can change your life. 

We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 

In one study at Penn State University, those who smiled were not only judged by others to be more friendly and courteous, but more competent also. And other studies show that those with more attractive smiles are perceived as having higher levels of these positive attributes than those with less attractive teeth.  While these perceptions are usually distorted, they influence your public image on many levels.

Guiding patients to a brilliant new smile underscores the reason we’re here. Our advanced training and passion for cosmetic dentistry can help you discover your hidden potential in every aspect of life!  

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