Does Your Smile Need Help? 7 Reasons Why It Just Might.

A healthy mouth adds value to our years.

Back in 1952, a group of university researchers discovered some interesting stats when studying Major League Baseball players’ baseball cards. And the stats weren’t about how well they played the game! The study found that players who were smiling in their photos lived an average of 80 years, compared to 73 years for those that did not smile.

Having a healthy mouth bolsters our confidence, enhances relationships and adds quality to our years. Keep an eye out for any of these signs that can help preserve your mouth’s health and your smile:

These signs could suggest that something isn’t quite right.

Thin and short front teeth. Teeth will wear about one millimeter per decade after age 30. This is a slow process and may go unnoticed. But if your teeth seem thinner or shorter than normal, it’s time to find the cause. Some culprits for eroding enamel are teeth grinding, both during the day and night, and acidic foods and drinks. When enamel is gone, it’s gone. Even though enamel doesn’t grow back, there are ways we can help you restore your smile.

Yellow and dull teeth. Enamel is like a sponge that soaks up dark pigments found in food and beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, and chocolate, discoloring your teeth. With our professional whitening services, we can remove these embedded stains without damaging your teeth. We choose only formulas designed for maximum effectiveness and safety, lifting years from your smile’s appearance and providing a quick confidence boost.

Dark shadows between teeth. If you have dark shadows between your front teeth, it’s time to get it checked out. These shadows can suggest a growing cavity, which doesn’t usually hurt until it reaches the deepest part of the tooth. Cavities develop as acid attacks enamel and breaks it down. Tooth-colored restorative products can repair your teeth, preserve function, and keep your smile looking its best.

Swollen and red gums. Pink gums that have a light orange-peel texture, which do not bleed, are healthy gums. An inflammatory reaction from your immune system occurs when harmful bacteria isn’t properly cleared away, causing swelling and bleeding. This could indicate that you’re starting to lose the bone around your teeth. Our hygiene team has a personalized strategy to help you control gum disease.

If you see any of these clues or have other concerns, a visit with our teaml can help you protect your smile!

Crooked or spaced teeth. Straight teeth aren’t only pleasing to the eye, they also help your bite function the way it’s supposed to. Even small gaps will trap food, and crowded teeth are difficult to keep clean. We provide fantastic invisible or wireless straightening options that make orthodontics easier than ever.

A gray tooth. When you smile, if you notice a dark, gray colored tooth, it’s time for an exam. This may be due to trauma from years ago, and doesn’t cause pain, but if it’s darker than the surrounding neighbors, it may mean the nerve is dead with a low-grade infection in your jaw. We can evaluate the tooth, eliminate the bacteria, and correct the color.

Bad breath. Even though you can’t see bad breath, it does reflect the health of your smile. Gases produced by oral bacteria are responsible for most cases of bad breath. There are other possible causes, and you should explore the cause with your dentist or physician. Sometimes the odor comes from a mouth infection, such as gum disease or an abscessed tooth. If everything checks out, our hygienist can help you eliminate the odor with a few simple changes to your daily routine.

Dental health is all about feeling well and having a great smile. While most problems in our mouths develop slowly, over time those problems can reach a critical stage. If you see any of these clues or have other concerns, our team at Seattle Dental Studio can help you protect your smile!

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