Dental Implants...A Cost Effective Investment In Your Health

Older woman hugging older man from behind both smiling with dental implants.

While permanent teeth should serve you for a lifetime, it doesn’t always happen. They may be lost from a traumatic accident, a deep cavity, or destructive gum disease. And since teeth come as a set, even one missing tooth may disrupt the complex function of chewing, the first step in digestion. As teeth start to lean and shift into the extra space, unusual wear and cracking from excessive forces create more problems. Dominoes is a game that too often happens with teeth: One goes and others follow.

When it’s time to replace missing teeth, whether it’s one or a full set, several options might be available. And it's not always easy for you to sort through complicated possibilities. That’s why Dr Dbouk with Seattle Dental Studio simplifies the decision and helps you find the solution that fits your goals. Today, dental implants often sit at the top of the option’s list. A long-lasting choice, implants are as close to growing a new tooth as you can get. Expertly placed in the same bone that once supported your tooth, you’ll enjoy the strength and function of natural teeth. Modern porcelains produce a natural lifelike result that may leave you wondering if you ever lost anything in the first place.

Even with all the benefits, the cost of a dental implant is an important consideration. When your provider incorporates the latest imaging, advanced training, and material technologies, this service offers one of the best values in modern healthcare. Compared to the replacement of other hard structures and joints of the body, most services with dental implants can be done at a small fraction of those costs. Better yet, most patients carry on with normal activities right away and usually enjoy a lifetime of normal chewing, bite stability, and appearance. But at Seattle Dental Studio we know the cost of dental implants is an important part of creating a complete plan that works for you.

The cost of dental implant services involves several critical factors unique to each patient. A fee quoted without careful evaluation doesn’t consider what’s best for your mouth. And comparisons may not account for the difference in quality of materials used, along with the training of the doctor performing this highly technical service. Dr. Dbouk customizes his treatment planning for his Seattle patients after he’s spent time analyzing what would be best for them. His years of expertise will consider a blend of factors that’s both science and art. One thing is absolutely certain: You’ll get the highest value possible in modern implant dentistry. That means years of natural function and a smile that’s secure...and radiant.

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